After considering and agreeing with solid general conditions, you have an in-depth talk concerning the production and technical details of your order. There are numerous options available to you here in Peru based on technical and aesthetic considerations such as balance, size and feel. It consists of receiving and processing specifications, translating them into Spanish, compiling leads and techniques, obtaining the first proto, reviewing and recording comments. 



First prototype samples are made from yarn that is currently on hand. Our team works with you to develop a sample that satisfies your needs. The production of salesmen samples normally precedes the second sampling. The ability to produce highly specialized, hand-knit pieces on a large scale with unwavering quality is one of our greatest strengths.




All styles should have been authorized in their whole by the time a specific order is placed. To minimize delays, we recommend that all modifications be officially and firmly accepted at this stage. A team of devoted knitters monitors progress and quality on our hand knitting machines on a regular basis. Then, after the order is complete, our manager team rigorously inspects each and every component.


We work with an excellent packing staff that knows the significance of appearance. We use FAC (Free Carrier) shipping arrangements, which means we are responsible for delivering products to a place you choose. The brand should be ready to import, but if this is your first time, we can link you with trusted freight forwarders and guide you through the procedure. Ecological packaging is provided to reduce any environmental effect.




Information is everything and any production challenge can always be met with clear and open communication channels. We work hard to ensure communications are thorough and are experienced in resolving any issues that arise. From technical problems to deadlines and production issues, we are always in constant contact.